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Future Fusion PEAK3D are fully 3D printed sneakers

The Chinese sportswear brand Peak Sports recently made a hit in the shoe market. The company introduced its new pair of sneakers, designed and manufactured thanks to 3D printing technologies. They are called the Future Fusion PEAK3D and 600 pairs […] read more

A 3D printing method to personalise textile to infinite length

The Catalan technology centre, Eurecat, recently presented an innovative application of continuous 3D printing to personalise textile. Indeed, by adapting the Blackbelt machine, it can 3D print patterns on fabrics, and this in a seemingly infinite way. The 3D printer […] read more

TOP 12 3D Printed Implants

The medical sector has experienced a boom in 3D printing applications within the last few months. Recently, we presented to you a selection of the most innovative 3D printed orthoses on the market. Additive manufacturing enables personalisation of each device […] read more

Is PLA filament actually green?

There is a reason why the most popular and widely used 3D printing material for FDM printers is PLA. It’s a very easy to print plastic compared to other materials, which makes it the ideal filament for amateurs. Also, there […] read more

A 3D printed electric motorbike prototype coming from Poland

Piotr Krzyczkowski is a young Polish designer who wanted to create his own brand of electric motorcycles, Falectra. He wanted to offer city dwellers a comfortable, economical and more environmentally friendly solution. In order to convince various investors, he designed […] read more

Anisoprint and its 3D printing solution for continuous fiber composites

Anisoprint is a Russian 3D printer manufacturer that has developed a 3D printing solution for continuous fiber composites. Based on the principle of melt deposition, its Composer machine makes it possible to reinforce any 3D printing plastic with composite fibres […] read more

TOP 5 Videos: 3D printed meat, a hybrid chair and much more!

This week we found the top 5 videos about 3D printing and the way additive manufacturing is shaping our society. The technology has infiltrated many sectors, from medical to automotive! Check out our selection of the week to keep up with the innovations! This week we […] read more

Annie Foo, creator of 3D printed shoes

While the Chinese brand PEAK recently announced the manufacture of fully 3D printed shoes for the general public, we met with designer Annie Foo who designs high-end shoes using 3D technologies. By combining 3D scanning and additive manufacturing, it is […] read more

F-elia, 3D printed optical jewelry that rethinks glasses

F-elia is a young French brand of 3D printed optical jewelry that gives a second life to the glasses we know. Indeed, these accessories combine aesthetics, practicality and new technologies! The use of 3D printing in the creative process produces […] read more

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