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Hello Logan,
It’s with great pleasure I welcome you as a Preferred Subscriber to the AIPC In Brief Newsletter. 

AIPC In Brief is the most subscribed Mental Health newsletter in Australia. It’s packed full of personal and professional development strategies, educational content, free resources, industry news and more. 

LIMITED OFFER - 72 Hours Only 

Many of our new subscribers are investigating how they can become a qualified Counsellor. The first step on this path is undertaking an appropriate course. So to encourage you to pursue your goal of becoming a Counsellor we’re offering you a very special opportunity. 

As a new subscriber, for 3 days only, you can receive $6,395.00 in savings and bonuses when you enroll in our highly acclaimed Diploma of Counselling. 

You can learn more about this limited offer here: 

I trust you enjoy AIPC In Brief and the numerous great resources provided with it. 

Kind Regards, 

Sandra Poletto
Chief Executive Officer,
Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors. 

PS To stop over exuberant spam filters from blocking your fortnightly edition of In Brief, simply add the In Brief email address ( to your email Contacts list. 

PPS You can access our huge back catalogue of In Brief Newsletters, full of rich content, here: 

PPPS Please remember that the special offer is only available for 3-days. So if you’d like to receive $6,395.00 in savings and bonuses, just go here: 

PPPPS And lastly, please refer to the Course Prospectus.