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Customs Release - Te Mana Arai O Aotearoa
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Customs Release Archive


Issue 530 18 October 2019
TSW e-Notifications transition 1 October – 5 November 2019

A five-week transition to electronic Delivery Orders is underway. 

Electronic delivery notifications reduce the risk to New Zealand’s border from false documentation, and are a more efficient and effective notification process. 

Customs has agreed to a transition phase to allow freight forwarders and CCAs time to trial new processes and fix external software bugs.

During the transition phase an electronic Delivery Order should be searched for, and if it can’t be found, the manual paper Delivery Order will be accepted. Regular errors should be noted and the entry number provided to Customs to investigate with the submitting broker.  

From 6 November paper Delivery Orders will no longer be accepted. 

It is recommended organisations and CCA’s organise their new processes as soon as possible, to avoid the peak period over Christmas. 

All Organisations that require updates should get this done through their ‘Admin of Org’. However, if no one has been assigned as the ‘Admin Of Org’ for your organisation, this can be done by providing the necessary Authorisation letters.

If you have any queries, please email

Helping exporters prepare for Brexit

Are you a New Zealand business exporting goods to the United Kingdom and preparing for Brexit?

Our website has some useful information to help you. 

If you're concerned about Brexit’s impact on your exports to the UK/EU, call us toll-free on 0508 BREXIT (0508 273 948) or email

Customs processes 14.46 million passengers

In the past year Customs processed and risk assessed more international passengers than ever before - up 3.5 percent compared to the previous twelve months. 

97% of international passengers (13.97 million) arrived or departed at one of New Zealand’s 5 international airports.  The remaining international passengers arrived or departed through New Zealand’s seaports.

CERT NZ - Cyber Smart Week

This week was Cyber Smart Week which promoted raising awareness of cyber security.
It’s important that businesses safeguard themselves against any cyber attacks. If you want to know more about threats that are common to businesses, visit Cert’s business page and find out how they work and how to prevent them.

Intellectual Property Rights 

Every week we update a detailed list of trademark and copyright notices accepted by Customs on our website.

For more information, email

Tariff Concession Notices

A tariff concession removes the tariff duty that would be payable under the Tariff for certain goods.

Advertisement Notice 44 and Approval Notice 44 are now available.


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