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Monthly FinerWorks Gift Card Drawing

Dec 31, 2019 10:19 am
By Melissa Hernandez in All Articles, FinerWorks News, Facebook, google, rating, reviews, testimonies

Monthly FinerWorks Gift Card Drawing

Over the next few month we are giving away a $50 gift cards to our reviewers at the end of that month. Simply take a moment to rate us on FinerWorks Facebook and/or Google page.

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3 Important Tips for Borderless Prints and Cards

Nov 23, 2019 12:00 am
By James Theopistos in All Articles, Help With My Prints, borderless prints, card printing, cards, photo prints

3 Important Tips for Borderless Prints and Cards

I think one of the reasons that FinerWorks attracts the initial interest of photographers who are used to working with their local photo lab is the idea of bordered prints. Artists doing reproductions on their work tend to prefer bordered prints as well however there are times when borderless are opted for or even the only option such as with our cards or artboard mounted prints. Borderless prints, sometimes referred to as full-bleed prints are defined as prints in which there is no white space surrounding the area of the image that is printed. An 11x14 borderless print after it is cut would have a measured sheet size of 11x14 while a bordered 11x14 with a 1“ border would have a final cut sheet size of 13x16 since it would have an additional 1” on each side. While borderless prints might not be for you in every situation there are times when these might be preferred or even necessary. Because of this I have outlined what I think are 3 important things to consider if you intend to order anything borderless versus a bordered print.

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POST – Our New Online Setup Tool

Nov 04, 2019 12:24 pm
By James Theopistos in All Articles, FinerWorks News, post, print on demand, print online, roes

POST – Our New Online Setup Tool

POST is our new setup tool for creating and ordering prints. POST (short for Print Online Setup Tool) is a web browser based print configuration wizard to make printing and framing your artwork at FinerWorks both quicker and more intuitive.

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Etsy Order Integration: Everything you need to know to get started

Oct 24, 2019 02:46 pm
By Noelle Hines in All Articles, Selling Your Art, easy order fulfillment etsy, etsy order integration, etsy print fulfillment, fulfillment for etsy orders, import etsy orders, print fulfillment etsy

Etsy Order Integration: Everything you need to know to get started

The Easy Guide to Importing Etsy Orders for Fulfillment

If you sell on Etsy and need a quick and simply way to submit your fine art print orders for fulfillment, you may want to consider importing orders instead of entering them manually.

For someone who has never imported their orders to FinerWorks, this can seem a bit overwhelming at first. There are some key factors to be considered and ironed out, and there’s also some data entry involved, before you can get the ball rolling. But once it’s rolling, you can sit back and quickly – easily! – just click a few buttons and FinerWorks will handle the fulfillment side of your business.

Before you start, make sure you’ve installed the Finerworks app and connected your Etsy store:
– you will have the ability to import your orders directly to us after this.

Establish Workflow Preference:

First determine whether or not you would like to include skus or product codes with your imports. Some prefer to do this to save time and take advantage of a more streamlined import process. The skus/product id’s are key to importing images to Finerworks from your Etsy shop.

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Make Your Print Mock-ups Stand Out with Paper Texture

Oct 13, 2019 07:23 pm
By Noelle Hines in All Articles, Selling Your Art, art print mockups, creating better mockups for art prints, diy frame mockup, finerworks textured papers for sellers, printed art mockup, selling art prints online, selling textured artprints, textured art prints, textured paper for mockups

Do you sell fine art prints on one of our textured papers or canvas? If so, this Freebie might be right up your alley. Good product shots are imperative to selling art-prints online.  But there is a LOT of competition out there for the likes of us.  If you do a bit of browsing on Etsy or Amazon Handmade, its plain to see that for art-print sellers, professional looking mock-ups are easy to come by, paid for or not.

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FinerWorks is an online color lab which offers popular print on demand choices for artists and photographers. Our specialty is prints on fine art papers, canvas (giclee prints) as well as many of the photography favorite printing options found in most photo labs.
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