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And the sequel to Call Me By Your Name...

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Pre-order Ness now, signed by both Robert Macfarlane and Stanley Donwood

Welcome to Ness, a one-of-a-kind collaboration between award-winning writer Robert Macfarlane and artist Stanley Donwood. Ness is a short poetic novella, an exquisite little thing that tells of a ritual in a ruined concrete Chapel, on an island of shingle and sand—of five figures who convene in a man-made space as nature grows, impatient at the ramparts; five figures who come together to sing the firing song, the birthing-ritual of the missile WE-177A.

Lush with the rhythm of the spirit of nature, thickly-latticed with words whose power Macfarlane can unlock, Ness is a kind of modern myth, a script to a rite best read aloud; it’s a scene set on the line where a kind of pagan vitality and man’s efficient atrocity collide—whose spell-like story is interjected with Donwood’s exquisite line drawings, of land and man’s vestigial intrusions. It’s a delicate thing, a precious thing, a haunting short text that reads like a buried thing, uncovered; it’s a beautiful object and a natural next step for anyone who loved The Lost Words or Underland or Lanny or Fen or the Southern Reach Trilogy.

First published in a small run in 2018 and now available to a wider audience, Ness is an incantatory tale whose wake will leave you awry. Pre-order your first edition signed by both Macfarlane and Donwood now, strictly available while stock lasts.

Pre-order now

Ness: Written by Robert Macfarlane, with illustrations by Stanley Donwood

Ness: Robert Macfarlane and Stanley Donwood in conversation
Robert Macfarlane and Stanley Donwood in conversation


Delve deep into the eerie and haunted world of Ness with its creative duo talking myth, atomic annihilation and artistic collaboration.

Wed 6th November

Grab Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: The Journey and get free a limited edition badge set

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: The Journey takes you behind the scenes at the blockbuster play in a magnificent hardback volume. Collating interviews, designs, rehearsal stories and conceptual sketches—as well as a veritable bounty of breathtaking photos—this glorious tome takes you to the centre of it all: you’ll sit in the first meeting between J.K. Rowling and Sonia Friedman Productions; follow the development of Jack Thorne’s script; and see director John Tiffany’s production take shape. You’ll reunite with beloved friends and make new ones. Most importantly, you’ll be in possession of a treasure trove of ideas, anecdotes and memories from the multiple-award-winning team that so magnificently translated the wizarding world to the stage—a Potterhead must-have, a theatre-making Bible, and, quite simply, an awe-inspiring production of a book.

And because we like to make things that little bit extra-special, we’re giving away a limited edition button badge set free with each book. Five collectable badges reworking elements of the iconic set design and significant Cursed Child objects in exquisite line work. Don’t let them disapparate before you can get them—order your copy now!

Buy now

Free limited edition badge set with each copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: The Journey

Exclusive edition signed by co-author: The Beautiful Ones
The Beautiful Ones


Don't miss out on our signed exclusive first edition of The Beautiful Ones—the memoir Prince was working on before he passed away, completed and contextualised by writer-editor Dan Piepenbring. The Foyles exclusive edition comes signed by Piepenbring, numbered out of just 1000, with a gold ribbon marker.

Buy now

Signed first edition: So Lucky
Devour Dawn O'Porter's brilliant new novel of keeping up appearances 

Buy now

Signed first edition: Olive, Again
Pulitzer winner Elizabeth Strout revisits her beloved heroine Olive

Buy now

Signed first edition: Blue Moon
Jack Reacher stands between two rival gangs in this gripping new thriller

Buy now

Signed first edition: Find Me
The oh-so-worth-the-wait sequel to the cult novel Call Me By Your Name

Buy now

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