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Catch up on the latest in perceptual imaging - read the newest issue of JPI!

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Journal of Perceptual Imaging

Open Access






The first issue of Volume 2 of the is now available.


As IS&T's open-access, peer-reviewed journal that sits at the intersection of perception and imaging, JPI focuses on the role of the human in imaging and visualization systems, in a wide range of application areas.


Read for free the articles from JPI Volume 2 Issue 1:


Neil A. Dodgson


Abstract: A color wheel is a tool for ordering and understanding hue. Different color wheels differ in the spacing of the colors around the wheel. The opponent-color theory, Munsellís color system, the standard printerís primaries, the artistís primaries, and Newtonís rainbow all present different variations of the color wheel. I show that some of this variation is owing to imprecise use of language, based on Berlin and Kayís theory of basic color names. I also show that the artistís color wheel is an outlier that does not match well to the technical color wheels

Midori Tanaka, Takahiko Horiuchi, and Ken'ichi Otani


Abstract: A planetarium imitates a starry sky with physical and technical limitations using a dome, projector, and light source. It is widely used for entertainment, and astronomy and physics educations. In our previous study, we investigated the evaluation for faithful reproduction of a

Claus-Christian Carbon


Abstract: Art experience means the rich experience of artistic objects that are mostly embedded in situational, social, and cultural contexts: for instance when encountering art in art galleries or museums. Art experience lets us reflect on the content, the style, and the artist behind the artworkómoreover, it lets us reflect about the percept, perception, the world, ultimately: about us. Current works in the field of empirical aesthetics


JPI welcomes for future issues. Additional information about the submission and publication process is available on the .


Society for Imaging Science and Technology

7003 Kilworth LN, Springfield, VA 22151

(703) 642-9090 | (703) 642-9094 (fax)

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