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October 2019
Inspired by last month's #ClimateStrike?
October marked the Jewish harvest festival of Sukkot (October 13-20), which is not only a central part of our calendar, but an important reminder about the impermanence of creation. Constructing our make-shift sukkah enforces the idea that so too, our environment requires constant care and attention. Read recent JWA blog posts, including reflections on food security, Jewish ritual, and clean water, to start a conversation about how the future of our planet is linked to our Jewish values.
Have a Witchy Halloween—Speak Out!
As October comes to a close, things begin to feel a little...witchy. At JWA, we are celebrating Lilith, the demoness-turned-heroine, as an example of a woman who advocated for herself and was demonized as a result.

We have also seen women reclaim the title, such as WITCH, a guerrilla theater protest group that emerged in the early days of the women’s liberation movement. Listen to JWA’s Can We Talk? podcast episode to learn more about WITCH (Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell).

Image: WITCH hexing Wall Street, October 31, 1968, New York. Courtesy of Bev Grant
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
As stories of public figures continue to pop up in our newsfeed, it is crucial that we lift up and support the voices of survivors. For nearly two years, JWA has been dedicated to giving Jews of all genders and backgrounds a forum for sharing their stories through Archiving #MeToo. Want to record yourself or someone else speaking their truth? Download our new app, Story Aperture, for Google and Apple devices.
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