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6 Tips for Using Lightroom's Graduated Filter

Graduated filters are similar to brushes in that they are local adjustments. However, they differ in that brushes are consistent over the area you use them on, whereas the effect from graduated filters is strongest at the edge where you start them and then gradually tapers off, giving your image a very real but subtle change.

In this tutorial, I will explain what the Lightroom graduated filter is and give you 6 simple tips that will allow you to take FULL advantage of the Graduated Filter tool. Come learn more here!


4 Ways to Enhance &
Make a Sky Blue in Lightroom

We would love to share how easy it is to enhance the skies in Lightroom!  Sometimes, you just are not going to have perfectly blue skies and big, billowy clouds in your photos. Donít worry, though Ė there are a few ways to give your skies some zing and add the blue back in, without having to open Photoshop and do a full-on sky replacement.

Come learn how easy it is to enhance your skies in Lightroom today despite how gray they might be!


How to Find Great Photography
Locations Near Me

Are you looking for the perfect photography location for your next session? We'd love to share these helpful ideas with you for finding the perfect location right where you are!

Everywhere I go, no matter what I'm doing, there's a part of me looking for areas that are magical when you really, really look at them. It only takes a small area and the right perspective and you can create beautiful images in places that other photographers have passed right over.

Come learn how easy it is to find the perfect location for your next session, today! 

3 Best Sellers at the Pretty Presets for 2020
Looking for some new presets to help save you time while editing in Lightroom?  Below are three of the favorites over the past 30 days in the Pretty Presets store

Don't forget, you can use the code "SAVETIME" to save up to $15 off your purchase when you save $15 off any purchase of $55 or more today!
"Loving this new collection! The skin tones are perfect and the colors are amazing! I will definitely be using these year-round! " -Trowbridge
"My images came to life with this preset - with the center lighting effects this preset goes beyond 'adding gorgeous color' to an image and makes this a must-have for any portrait editing" -Linda M
"These presets work for all of my locations/situations! They are my absolute favorite especially Sugar Cookie!" -Brittany B.
Use the code "SAVETIME"
to enjoy $15 off any purchase of $55 or more!
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