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Calling all those without Migraine

Calling All Those Without Migraine
Lisa Robin Benson- In a recent article titled "This is Our Time," headache specialist and advocate Dr. Young talks about some exciting movements going on in the migraine community and encourages us to all advocate when we can. I am also a firm believer in advocating for migraine, and I feel those with the condition can talk about it in depth and in a powerful way. I’ve met with many in the community and all are amazing at advocating. Just recently, I saw a huge movement to reclaim the #MigrainePose on Instagram and other social media. The news that migraine had become a beauty pose went viral and the hashtag was shortly thereafter taken over by people showing their #TrueMigrainePose with over a thousand... Read more


The Weight of Migraine
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10 Ways Migraine is Not “Just a Headache”
Kerrie Smyres- Migraine is a neurological disorder that’s largely inherited and migraine attacks are terribly painful and often disabling. Sadly, though, migraine is frequently dismissed as “just a headache” and migraineurs are told to take an aspirin and get over it. But those of us with migraine aren’t making a big deal over a measly headache. Here are 10 characteristics that separate migraine from a run-of-the-mill headache... Read more

The Word Headache
Elizabeth Roberts-Zibbel- It's not just a headache. This sentence has been a rallying cry for the last several years in the migraine community, fighting against the idea that migraines are simply bad headaches that we are somehow too weak to tolerate. The stigma surrounding migraine disease is pervasive. It is perpetuated by pain reliever ads (the recent Excedrin #DebateHeadache campaign for example); movies and... Read more

Spoons, and How to Start a Good Conversation
Dr. William B. Young- I have a patient with severe chronic migraine who I took care of many years ago. She got somewhat better and was able to complete her education, get married, and have twins. After that her migraine worsened, and we have not gotten her migraine into very good control. A few months ago, I judged she might be at a place where she could not work but might be able to volunteer to work a few hours for... Read more

Not Drug-Seeking. Relief-Seeking: Feeling Judged When Seeking Medical Care
Holly Baddour- Most of us have experienced it: being treated as a drug seeker when pursuing treatment for migraine. Whether it be when searching for a new doctor, going to the emergency department for an intractable attack, or when getting a prescription filled, many migraineurs have experienced some sense of being accused of being a drug addict feeding a habit when all we want is relief from pain. I think we can agree that... Read more

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Living with Chronic Migraines
I am 21 years old and I have suffered with chronic migraines since I was 13. I felt alone until I found this website and read all of your posts, to be honest. I have such great family and friends around me, but as much as they say “we know how much pain you’re in,” they just don't. I don't want them to know how much pain I am in, I would not wish the pain of living with chronic migraines on anyone. I have tried a number of medications. Pain meds, prevention meds, herbal meds... Read more

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