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Radiant Rose AcademyRadiant Rose Academy
Newsletter: November 15, 2019
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Akasha and Asun

Ascended Master Quotes 

‘Each and every day, I AM being lifted and raised into a Higher Frequency of Love, Light, Joy, Purity, Power, Perfection, Divine Health, and more. I AM Becoming and Expressing every Truth that I learn and remember, every Truth that the Greater Life suggests I AM. All that I AM renewing and restoring into the Consciousness I AM is Energy, Vibration and Frequency becoming Substance and Experience in my Life. Daily, I AM building an Unstoppable Momentum on the Path of Becoming, the Path of The Untouchable!’  - Father Asun

*excerpted from: Passport to God: Spiritual Truth, as Revealed by the Ascended and Angelic Host

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The Ascending Hearts Conclave

The Presence of almost 250 Beloved Roses along with Mother Akasha and Her Ascended Master Guests made this Conclave one of the most memorable golden Conclaves. Thank you!

The recordings of Conclave are now available!

Upcoming Events Announcement

Special Tree of Life Class, Friday evening, December 6
Christmas with the Masters, Saturday, Sunday, December 7 and 8

Seats are going FAST!! We are expecting a FULL HOUSE with quite a few Students coming in from out of town. Due to limited seating at the Holiday Inn, we will be unable to accommodate any registrations at the door for the Tree of Life Class held on Friday night, December 6th and the Christmas with the Masters event. If you plan on attending ‘Christmas with the Masters’, please register online or contact Events Department. If you are planning on attending the TOLC on Friday, December 6th, please email Leanne at and let her know that you are coming, so that we know to save a seat for you. Thank you!
Register to the "Christmas with the Masters" here

Health Supplements Sale

Lung Tonic, Retail Price, $25.00 / Sale Price $20.00 purchase
Viral Fungal, Retail Price, $26.95 / Sale Price $21.55 purchase
Vitamin D3, Retail Price, $26.95 / Sale Price $21.55 purchase
Prime Chlorella tablets, Retail Price, $84.95 / $67.95 purchase
Silver Lining Pre/Probiotics, Retail Price $37.00 / $29.00 purchase
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Weekly Decrees
Ascending Hearts Conclave Gold Decrees

We call upon our Mighty I AM God Presence and the Great God of Gold, Jesus the Christ, and Beloved Charity to enfold us in the Eternal Golden Love Flame of the Christ, a perfect balanced activity of Love, Peace, and Perfection. We call upon the Great God of Gold, Jesus the Christ, and Beloved Charity to enfold us in the Consciousness, Substance, and Vibration of Gold, for the attainment of Christ Consciousness, working together seamlessly as an Act of Grace, to emerge within our Consciousness now. 
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Academe Material
Gold Members
  • Messages from the Masters
    - The Goddess of Venus offers Her Encouragement
    - The Goddess of Venus offers access to Her Cosmic Love
    - Master Jesus offers a new way to address Him
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A Gold Mantra!

I AM the Alchemy and Resurrection of Gold
Occurring in my Consciousness and my world now.
I AM the Consciousness of all things hoped for
Gold, the Glory of the Father, to whom I bow.
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Students Corner
Dear Usa,
Yesterday we came together for the 3rd Roseday of the Dutch Flemish Roses. At the moment we have a group of eighteen Roses and from this group twelve Roses gathered for the Roseday in the middle of the Netherlands. Each Roseday we have a lovely day together with a beautiful energy. Together we make a program for the day, everyone can introduce suggestions. As a group we can learn, inspire and help each other in finding answers to questions that members of the group have… (includes a wonderful picture of some of our Holland Roses)
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Academy Videos
Christmas with the Buddha and the First Family | View
Ascended Masters monthly meditation with Goddess of Purity. October 2019  | View
Mother Akasha and The Tree of Life Teachings Vol 26  | View
Loving our Planet Free
Month of October

November 19 - “Live” Decree Teleconference
November 26 - Clarion Call for Release New Dispensation
Access Your Decrees Here! | About this program
The Mother's Presence enfolds you always!  
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