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This site did not show evidence of storing passwords in plaintext.

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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to 123Count.

Ready for some awesome site stats?

Your 123Count account '' has been created and is ready to be used.

For traffic analysis to start, remember that you need to install a few lines of HTML code into your site:

Installation instructions

Additional installation help is available here

Once the 123Count code has been installed, you will be able to check your traffic in real time. Click on 'my stats' at the top of and log in with:

tracker ID:
admin password: ku18mA840hg

Remember that 123Count can only work if the code is installed on your site. If you ever remove the code by accident (for instance during a site update) traffic analysis will stop (it will resume immediately as soon as you reinstall the code).

Note that by default 123Count counts 'visits', which means that if you go to your own site and refresh your page multiple times the counter will only increment by one (since all your refreshes are part of a single visit). If you leave your site and come back after 30 minutes or more, another visit is counted. This is normal and desirable behavior and not a malfunction of your app.

If you have any difficulties with our program, go first to our FAQ and read it carefully. If it doesn't help you solve your problem, please contact us and we'll gladly give you a hand (we answer all our messages and we do so quickly: you can be assured that if you request help, a real person will assist you within a few hours of receiving your email).

Thank you again for choosing 123Count!

the 123Count team

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