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Introducing Ben, our certified nutritionist to help you get the best out of 13 Seeds products

Meet Ben Semmens, Registered Nutritionist BHSc

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We all know nutrition plays an important part in staying healthy but for many of us, it is difficult to determine?what makes for good nutrition.

That is why, here at 13 Seeds, we''ve recruited the knowledge, wisdom and guidance from Registered Nutritionist BHSc, Ben Semmens - founder of InnerVision Nutrition. Ben will be part of the 13 Seeds family, helping guide you on nutritional advice and leading a healthy lifestyle.

"I believe that hemp seeds can benefit anyone''s diet to improve symptoms of fatigue. My passion is to help people live without stress, fatigue, and pain and feel more energetic",
Ben Semmens

Introducing Ben Semmens, Registered Nutritionist BHSc


Hi, my name is Ben and I want to share my story about why I joined 13 Seeds.

That is around 8 years ago I was partying too much, eating a crap diet and barely exercising - I felt miserable. One day I decided to make a change in my life and prioritise my health. This involved eating better, exercising and making better lifestyle choices, which ultimately lead to my passion for nutritional biochemistry and subsequent decision to study nutrition at Endeavour College located in Melbourne, Australia.

That is, shortly after graduating I moved to London where I started my project InnerVision Nutrition where I educated businesses and the community to promote beneficial nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Since then, I''ve moved home to Melbourne and continue to work in the nutrition and the fitness industry to educate people on how our lifestyle choices, eating habits, mental states and environment all reflect on our picture of health.?

My goal now is to share with you all the knowledge that I have gained to educate you on how you can feel your best.

Please email me any questions you have. In my next few emails, I will try to answer you as best as I can! ?

Ben Semmens
13 Seeds Head of Nutrition

We carry Australia's largest range of all natural hemp superfood products.


All products are made from 100% Tasmanian hemp seed & oil.

13 Seeds

13 Seeds Hemp Farm
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