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Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to 2key.

Hey 2key Linkers

2KEY token went live about five months ago, so this is our first complete quarter. Strong collaborations, consistently demonstrated by our best partners, 2KEY holders, are key to long term success and deserve full transparency.
As we aim to be a transparency beacon in the space, we are now starting to share 2key quarterly results and roadmap with all 2KEY token holders!

?? 2KEY Tokenholders Q3 Meeting ??
We''ll talk about 2key''s plans and goals for the coming quarter and beyond and share info on features and various products we are currently working on.

?? - November 9, 14:00 UTC
?? - Exclusive to 2KEY token holders

Anyone holding at least 1 2KEY token in a wallet connected to a by Nov. 7 will receive a personal invitation by email and a recording afterward.

Email us your questions at; we''ll do our best to answer them all.
??  $200 SmartLink Contest  ??
To expand the use of Smartlink and push the adoption of a hands-on decentralized economy and fair wealth redistribution, we are running a SmartLink creation contest with attractive prizes.
  • Create as many SmartLinks as you wish about any topic. ??
  • Share them widely ??
  • On Dec 9, select your best performing SmartLink and enter it in the competition.??
Find out more here
?? 2KEY Breach + 1st 2KEY Burn Event & Buyback ??
One of the 2key company operational laptops was compromised. A hacker stole 79 ETH and 803K 2KEY tokens (worth about $30K). The thief already dumped the stolen tokens, devaluing 2KEY tokens, and swapped the last ones on October 12.
Click here to read all the details.
??  1st 2KEY Token Burn  ??
To mitigate the breach, we just completed the 1st burn event of 2KEY Tokens. 

We burned 803,495 2KEY (~$25K USD) Tokens, commensurate to the stolen amount. 

Check the Tx here.

Following the breach and the ensuing discussions with cyber experts, we publish five actionable tips to maximize your crypto-assets'' security 
Check these 5 tips to secure your crypto-assets from hackers and share them with the crypto community. ??
?? AMA With 2key Co-Founders ??
?? - 3rd November
? - 14:00 UTC
?? - 2key Co-Founders @erezbk & @eiTanLaVi 
?? - @GainsChat Telegram Group
?? - $150 in 2KEYs will be given to the best 10 questions!

Full Details here
?? 2key Bi-Weekly Update ??
? 200+ New Registered Users
? 140+ New 2key Pages
? 10K+ SmartLink Views
? 180+ Referrers
? 2.5K Approved Conversions
? 13,273,503 2KEY tokens staked (45.39% from supply)

Create a 2key SmartLink with 0 gas cost now!
Turn any link to a SmartLink, share it with your friends,
watch the magic of the 2key protocol, and earn tokens :)
Create a SmartLink for Free
Stay safe,

Your friends at 2key ??


Our mailing address is:
30 Yosef Karo, 
Tel Aviv,  6701434.
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