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G'day, Jack Green

Spanish golfer Jon Rahm performed a jaw-dropping shot at a Masters golf tournament recently, skimming the golf ball across a lake to sink a hole-in-one. I'm sure it's more to do with his skill but maybe the golf club itself might help as well? I wonder if a 3D printed golf club could improve things...


Happy 3D Printing!


Cobra Golf joins the 3D printing club

Cobra Golf, together with HP, have released their new 3D printed metal golf club. Dubbed the KING Supersport-35 Putter, this club went through 35 different design changes before settling to the one pictured above and was then printed with HP's Metal Jet 3D printer.

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3D wrist scanner in colour

Professor Anthony Butler of  the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, has invented a 3D scanner that is supposed to take the best features of CT, MRI and PET scanners and combine them into one. Images taken from the MARS scanner will ultimately improve clinical diagnosis.

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Function over feature

It may not look much (kind of like a stripped-down golf cart) but this prototype electric car is environmentally sustainable using recycled PA6 material and fitted with a Lynch electric motor. The eco-friendly car will be great for covering short distances where transportation is key, with less emphasis placed on a vehicle's bells and whistles.

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3D print and laser cut of the week...

Nut & Bolt pencil organizer

Download and 3D Print

Laser Cut Bus Tactile Game

Download and laser cut

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