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Exclusive hand-painted mobile cases up for grabs ?????
A Good Company

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Dear Jack,

Hope you''ve had a good week.

We''re delighted?to announce the second artist in?our charity auction in collaboration with Project Caritas!

This week''s?cases are by Eloise D?rr, a London based artist who''s previously collaborated with Vans and Nike.

Her work is?inspired by her love of skateboarding and creating little stories for her characters.?

She''s produced three awesome paintings for the auction to raise money for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response?Fund.?Check them out below.

From #agoodcommunity?this week?we feature an interview with Eloise, and our latest editorial explores something that gives us great joy...?the rise of renewable energy of course!

Lastly, we have curated a selection of positive?and inspiring news stories to power you through Friday and beyond.

Stay well AND sustainable!



COVID-19 charity auction artist #2: Eloise D?rr

Today marks the second week of our charity auction in collaboration with our friends at?Project Caritas.

We''ll?be releasing?a new artist collaboration every Friday for the next TWO?WEEKS!?

The?fantastically talented artists have created little portable works of art from our A Good Mobile Cases, hand-painted with our own Allround paint.

Up for auction this?week are cases?by?Eloise D?rr.

Based out of London, Eloise''s work is?influenced by her love of skateboarding?and storytelling.?

She takes her characters on journeys "doused in curiosity and wanderlust, based around solitude and community".

She''s generously contributed?three suitably dynamic mobile case paintings, which are now available for auction.

Money raised from the auction will be donated to the?COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund to help communities around the globe fight the disease.

Don''t miss your chance to own one of these three super-exclusive cases.

See Eloise''s work and place your bids ?? here.?

"Activism through art plays a hugely important role in our society"

#agoodcommunity held a short Q&A with our?latest charity auction artist, Eloise D?rr.?

AGC:?Hi, Eloise!?First of all?a huge thank you for contributing to our charity auction, we love what you've done! How did you approach the project?

ED:?Thanks for having me involved! I am always interested in trying new mediums and new avenues in art, especially challenging myself with painting on or with new materials. I''m also keen to learn new ways to be more sustainable in my everyday life, so this project was right up my street.?

AGC:?Can you tell us a bit more about your experiences growing up, at what point did you decide to become an artist?

ED:?I was born and raised in Oxford, until moving to London aged 18. Growing up I loved arts and crafts and I always had a sketchbook since I can remember. After I left school I started a blog for my drawings, I didn''t think much of it first but that blog kind of started my career. I guess I never decided to become an artist as my job, it was sort of an accident!

AGC:?With recent events, we've all been reminded of the fragility of our existence on this planet. Do you feel art has a role in tackling issues such as climate change and environmental destruction?

ED:?Definitely! Art has been a tool of communication since the beginning of humanity. It''s a route we''ve taken for centuries when we want to convey a message. It''s a powerful tool to use, you know the classic phrase ''a picture paints a thousand words'', it may be overused but it''s definitely true. Activism through art plays a hugely important role in our society.?

?AGC:?If you could choose to have dinner with one artist hero, alive or passed on, who would it be?

ED:?That is a really tough one, I''d be fascinated to hear insight to how it was in in the art world for different people in different periods of history. Maybe Artemisia Gentileschi, or Anna Ancher, or Frida of course. It''s hard to decide!

AGC:?Are there any films/books/TVs/podcasts that you've read/watched recently that you can recommend?

ED:?I''m currently reading a book about the history of voter suppression in the US, called ''One Person, No Vote.'' by Carol Anderson. Before that I read Richard Ayoade''s book ''On Top''. All-time favourite TV show has to be Broad City. ''Criminal'' by Phoebe Judge is a great educational podcast too.?

AGC:?What are you working on next?

ED:?I''ve got a few exciting things brewing at the moment that I can''t wait to put into the world! I''m sad that I couldn''t put an exhibition on this year because of the pandemic. I''ve put on a show every year since 2014 it''s always a highlight for me, but alas 2020 was not having it (understandably). Maybe in 2021 I can work on a show again, that would be great.?

AGC:?Thanks Eloise, looking forward to seeing more of you soon!

Check out?Eloise''s designs for our charity auction??? here.?

#agoodcommunity editorial: The Rise of Renewables

We''ve been seeing a lot of great stories in the news recently about countries turning off their coal power plants?and large investments being made into renewable energy projects.

It feels like we''ve finally reached a tipping point, with BP quoted as saying that renewables are "growing faster than any other fuel in history."

So, for this week''s?#agoodcommunity?editorial, we explore how this revolution has happened, who the ''leading lights'' are, and what''s still left to do.?

Read the full editorial????here.

Quote of the week: Bernie Sanders

"A half million people in Oregon evacuate as wildfires rage. Over 3 million acres in California burned. The western sky is red. An 800-mile derecho destroyed towns in Iowa. The Arctic topped 100 degrees.?

The Green New Deal has been called "expensive."?

Compared to what?"

Curated selection of good news
Funny giraffe

A curated selection of?uplifting news stories to provide motivation and inspiration for this Friday and beyond.

  • From The Guardian:?Google and Facebook have both announced plans to become carbon neutral (inspired by us of course). ??
  • From CNN: Hungry?mealworms can help solve our plastic crisis by, you guessed it, eating it. ??
  • From The BBC:?The?Burmese roofed turtle, also known as the smiling turtle, has been saved from extinction. ??
  • From Green Matters:?Portugal is no longer extracting fossil fuels after cancelling the last two remaining drilling contracts. ????
  • From Dezeen:?Cool prefabricated ''No Footprint House'' prototype from?Costa Rica. ??
  • Bonus: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020 finalists.???

Have a great weekend folks! If you have similar stories or anything you''d like to share?we''d love to hear from you, just reply to this email. ??

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