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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Abbreviations.

Welcome aboard!
Dear Jon,

Thanks for applying to become an editor for Your application has been approved!

Here are your login details:

User name: done19596
Password: 59znoiW2H1

The login page is located at:

As an editor of you'll be able to add new entries directly to the database, edit existing entries and approve or reject suggested entries that were submitted by casual users.

In order to add new entries simply use the 'Add new Abbreviation' link located at the footer of our pages. Your newly added entries will be added to the database and will be available immediately on search results. Please make sure that the entries you are adding are correct and that they do not already exist in the database.

To edit an existing entry (for fixing spelling mistakes, removing erroneous entries or filing them in a more suitable category) simply click on the edit button located at the right of every item. This will open the edit screen and let you save your changes afterwards.

We currently have several pending entries that are awaiting approval and classification. These entries can be found here: and we encourage editors to help us review them.

We are very excited to have you as our new editor. Thanks again for helping us build the largest human-edited acronyms and abbreviations resource on the web!

Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or suggestions - your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Yours truly,
The team

Editors @ STANDS4
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All past and present editors on the STANDS4 network of websites are invited to share their thoughts, discuss editorial issues, ask for help, and suggestions on our Facebook group.
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