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ACEL Officially Open National Conference 2020 Melbourne Sep 30 – Oct 2. 1st Release Registrations at Early Bird Prices Are Now Available


On behalf of all of us here at ACEL we welcome you back to the school year for 2020. Of course, we cannot commence with any message to the year without sending our sincere thoughts to everyone effected by the recent devasting bushfires. We send our support to each community and every individual effected and join the rest of Australia in thanking the tireless firefighters, volunteers, community support workers and every single selfless person who has assisted our fellow citizens in this tragic time of need. This tragedy has brought sadness and devastation to so many, but in the midst of such hardship the inspiration of witnessing community, neighbours and strangers alike coming together in solidarity to support one another has once again been a demonstration of the collective spirit of humanity and compassion we can share as fellow citizens. To all once again we say thank you.

Aasha Murthy

From the perspective of ACEL in 2020 we look forward to once again working with and supporting our members and the greater educational community with another year of exceptional events, workshops and programs featuring the best in local and international educational leadership. We will also deliver updated and improved publications, resources, and communications to ensure we are providing you with a full suite of support to your professional development made available 24/7 to all areas of Australia and New Zealand.

We thank you for your support and look forward to another year of working side by side to continue to set the standards for educational leadership in Australia and New Zealand.

Presenting the all new ACEL 2020 News, Workshop and Events Newsletters

In 2020 ACEL will introduce a new and improved communications schedule, bringing targeted news, offers and events in a combined weekly ACEL newsletter. This new and comprehensive newsletter delivered each Tuesday [commencing Feb 11th] will cover all aspects of professional development including news, events, publications, programs and special offers streamlined to provide the essential information and support in a more concise manner. This weekly newsletter will also be supplemented by fortnightly members newsletter highlighting links to new resources made available within each period, plus a new regional newsletter will be sent each month to our regional members and subscribers focusing on local offers and events.

In recognition of these increasingly busy times these new communications will consolidate and improve our information, while reducing the quantity of messages to your inbox versus our previous individual messaging per event. For our bookshop customers the fortnightly catalogue will still remain available highlighting our special offers on essential releases and resources.

Michael Fullan
17th - 27th February 2020


Instructional Leadership
Peter DeWitt
16th - 20th March 2020

ACEL 2020 Disability
& Inclusion Conference

30th April - 1st May 2020
Brisbane QLD


Visible Learning
John Hattie
18th - 22nd May 2020

Voice and Aspirations
Dr Russell Quaglia
18th - 27th May 2020


Developing Resilient Learners
James Notthingham
22nd - 26th June 2020

ACEL 2020
Early Childhood Conference

31st August - 1st September 2020
Melbourne VIC


ACEL 2020
National Conference

30th September - 2nd October 2020
Melbourne VIC

Webinar Series
Barbara Blackburn
Coming Soon


Webinar Series
Todd Whitaker
Coming Soon


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January 28, 2020 |
Phone: 1800 680 559 | +61 2 8396 0800

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