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Fear, Tracking Revenue, Blindness, and more!


We have had some great discussions going on the forum that I thought you might want to check out:

?? Overcoming Fear and Greed in Affiliate Marketing

I really enjoyed this thread by jimmyvanilla. Fear and greed are powerful selling tools, but they can also destroy your campaigns. Jimmy shows how you can use automation and strategy to help protect yourself from...yourself.

?? Guide - Tracking Additional Monetization Scripts (Back Button, Timed Redirect, etc.)

Nick published a new guide yesterday that is a must read if you are running traffic to your own landing pages. It''s especially important if you are using back buttons or any other monetization scripts on your LP to help increase your revenue. If you aren''t using any additional monetization scripts, you should test them today and Nick provides you with ALL the JavaScript your heart could desire to do it! :)

?? How often would you change push creative to avoid blindness

Fighting banner blindness with any creative is important, but how important is it with push notification ads and how often should you change your creative to help prevent blindness? Check out this interesting discussion and the poll included to find out what our community thinks. Spoiler alert: it''s not as often as you''d probably think!

Speaking of push traffic. PropellerAds was the first traffic source I ever ran push traffic on it and it''s still one of my most profitable.

One thing I really like about PropellerAds is that they are constantly working on improving their platform to give affiliates an even better chance of getting their campaigns profitable.

You can learn about some of those recent improvements as well as how to get the most out of their push traffic in this thread:

?? How to get maximum from PropellerAds Push traffic?

I will pay $25 to the first 8 members to post a follow along using PropellerAds push traffic today. Check out the thread and get your campaign setup today! ??

Let me know if you have any questions.


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