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Rangers in Akagera, Rwanda. ? Tom Parker
My family calls me the forest protector.

As a ranger for Akagera National Park in Rwanda, that's my job - to protect the forest, the wildlife here, and to help the communities who live around the park. Because these people are my people; I grew up here and am from these same communities which I now serve.

And over the last 10 years, my fellow rangers and I have seen Akagera be transformed, from once being overrun with cattle to having its lions and rhinos hunted out - to today being a wildlife haven and a source of opportunity.

Our efforts have led to poaching being at an all-time low; lions and rhinos have returned and all the wildlife are thriving. Community cooperatives are sustainably harvesting tonnes of honey and fish. Jobs are being created; and thousands of children are coming to the park every year to learn about Rwanda's wildlife. Some say they want to grow up to become scientists, conservationists, even rangers.

Wildlife rangers play a unique role which I didn't fully understand until I became a ranger myself. That is in conserving these wild areas, we not only create safe spaces for wildlife, we create real benefits for people too.

Given the hardships of this year, I'm proud to share that not one ranger here, or from any of the 18 parks under African Parks' management, has missed one patrol or one day of work. But we recognize that many other organizations and governments are not so fortunate.

That is why on October 3rd, I along with every single ranger at African Parks, will be participating in the Wildlife Ranger Challenge. Our goal is to outfit 1,000 non-African Parks rangers with basic but critical gear - like a quality field shirt and trousers, a pair of shoes, a light pack - basic but important items for rangers to be able to do their jobs.
  • $25 can provide a quality shirt
  • $60 can supply a sturdy pair of boots
  • $100 can cover the cost of a field pack
Help Outfit a Ranger
One full kit costs $250, but every dollar raised of any amount will go towards creating ranger kits which we ensure will get into the hands of those rangers who need it the most.
Please help us outfit our fellow colleagues who are in need, so we can help them do the important work rangers do - of protecting their forests, their wildlife, and their communities.

From every ranger at African Parks, thank you.

Ranger Jackson Mutabazi
Akagera National Park
African Parks is a non-profit conservation organisation that takes on the complete responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of national parks and protected areas in partnership with governments and local communities. African Parks manages 18 national parks and protected areas covering over 14.1 million hectares in 11 countries: Angola, Benin, Central African Republic, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Visit to learn more.
Copyright ? 2020 African Parks, All rights reserved.

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