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Today, AIDSVu released new interactive maps visualizing the HIV care continuum at the state-level, illustrating the extent to which people with HIV in a given state are engaged in care. 

AIDSVu also added new maps of social determinants of health indicators and related infectious diseases to help shine a light on the association between HIV, social determinants of health, and other infectious diseases. The new maps-which include data on food insecurity, housing, Medicaid expansion, syphilis prevalence, and more-visualize various factors that drive the disparities in HIV that we see at the local-, state-, and national-levels.

Beyond the Map

Visit our Deeper Look: Health Disparities and HIV page to learn more about why it is essential to address health disparities to improve health outcomes, reduce health care costs, and achieve equity.
Despite the progress made in HIV testing, treatment, prevention, and care nationally, certain populations remain disproportionately impacted by new HIV diagnoses, late HIV diagnoses, and HIV-related death. 

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Share our infographics with your family, friends, and colleagues. 

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