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Hi Harper,

Wondering how your vacation rental market has fared in the midst of COVID-19??

Even though global bookings have rebounded exceptionally since the depths of lockdown, the story on the ground is much more complicated.?

Market recovery is becoming a tale of two cities: some are seeing jaw-dropping results that have remained relatively immune, while others remain no-go travel zones.

Knowing where your market lies along this spectrum is an absolute must.?

We've just updated MarketMinder?with the latest data and insights, so dive in and begin researching, pricing, and positioning your listings for success.?

Explore Your Market

Year-on-Year U.S. Bookings Already Up 20%


Our latest report?includes two interactive maps that show exactly which states and markets in the U.S. are seeing the fastest recoveries, and which should be avoided at all costs.

Use the search function to find your market, zoom into specific regions, and see rankings.?


The AirDNA Team

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1532 15th Street, #200 Denver, CO 80202

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