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i'm about to get on stage in copenhagen and there's a lot happening at a fast pace. well hi, united kingdom, this is a post JUST FOR YOU, because despite the fact that i've technically been landed a while, OUR OFFICIAL TOUR IS ABOUT TO STUMBLE TO A START. hello, hello!!! how's it been? how's your prime minister? wait,'s our president? wait: everything is fucked, you say?! well, fancy that! WE HAVE SO MANY THINGS IN COMMON IT'S UNCANNY.

no bother.

it can't be ALL BAD, can it? we are here and we are going to make the best of it if it kills us. mr neil himself and i have moved into our first real flat in london (yep, we bought one and we have an actual home here now, HOORAH, goodbye endless air bnbs and rentals).

ash is attending a little school down the road. here he is. cute coat and all, waiting for the bus with his dada.

we've been bopping around here for the past month already as i tour europe....

we went to margaret atwood's book launch for "the testaments" and neil and margaret shared a themed cupcake:

while i played naked on the guilty feminist podcast:

(you can hear it HERE....i play in my mind at the end of the show).


i had a great party at a camden pub called the golden lion, for patrons....

(photos below by dora)

AND i did a photo shoot and interview (also in camden) for the LINE OF BEST FIT:

 ...and a few nights ago, we went to lenny henry's memoir book launch:

he gave a really moving speech about growing up black in dudley, finding his artistic voice, and how you don't realize WHAT you believe, sometimes, until you sit down to write about it. i found the same thing was true when i wrote the art of asking. it forced me to articulate (and in some moments, have to confront) what i believed. it was a beautiful night. you can get his book straight from the publisher HERE. or HERE from allen & unwin if you're in OZ.


ok, UK....there's a LOT going on in the upcoming months, especially in LONDON, where i am pleased to announce that ALL FOUR SHOWS AT UNION CHAPEL HAVE SOLD OUT!!!! whoo hoo. a fine accomplishment considering that one of the biggest art-covering newspapers in london is giving me the cold shoulder. nice job, folks.

PLEASE STAY TUNED VIA THE PATREON and other social media for FREE, LOCAL NINJA GIGS and other weirdnesses!!! i am planning a FREEZING PATRON SWIM - oh yes you fucking bet your cold-water bum - in bexhill for sure and possibly other places that are near water. 


i’m also bringing my pal david franklin for part of the tour and there will be some cheap group SHINTAIDO CLASSES in local spaces during certain show days in the afternoon, everyone will be welcome. we did this in prague and it was’s a photo.

come run around with us, beginners always welcome!!!

the rest of the tour is selling really well but there are a few dates that need a boost:

Wed Oct 16 – UK – Bexhill – De La Warr Pavilion
Sat Oct 19 – UK – Cardiff – St David's Hall
Sun Oct 20 – UK – Cambridge – Corn Exchange
Wed Oct 23 – Ireland – Cork – Opera House (NEEDS A BOOST)
Thu Oct 24 – Ireland – Dublin – National Concert Hall
Sat Oct 26 – Ireland – Belfast – Ulster Hall (NEEDS A BOOST)
Sun Oct 27 – Ireland – Limerick – University Hall (NEEDS A BOOST)
Fri Nov 1 – UK – Dunfermline – Carnegie Hall
Sat Nov 2 – UK – Glasgow – City Halls
Sun Nov 3 – UK – Manchester – Albert Hall
Mon Nov 4 – UK – York – Opera House
Thu Nov 7 – UK – Newcastle – Tyne Theatre (NEEDS A BOOST)
Sun Nov 24 – Portugal – Braga – Theatro Circo
Thu Dec 5 – UK – London – Union Chapel (SOLD OUT)
Fri Dec 6 – UK – London – Union Chapel (SOLD OUT)
Fri Dec 13th - UK - London - Union Chapel (SOLD OUT)
Sat Dec 14th - UK - London - Union Chapel (SOLD OUT)

here is a flyer for the uk dates:

and one for the dates in ireland:


EXTRA CREDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


if you haven't been following the news about XR (extinction rebellion), here's everything you need to know if you are coming.

this is not a safe, legal zone, as you probably know. please don't put yourself in danger, please don't bring little kids, please use your judgement and and please be safe. here's a link of legal resources and other tips for attending an XR protest:

since the time and place is not FINAL, please follow me on twitter, IG, or here on patreon to know the exact meet-up spot. it'll likely be in central london / trafalgar square on monday, october 14th after work gets out (5-7pm ish).



i am going to be teaming up with abortion rights UK for THIS WHOLE TOUR. they've invited me to headline a little benefit cabaret at the bethnal working men's club (NOT SHITTING YOU. THE WORKING MENS CLUB) and the line-up looks absolutely awesome. tickets are flying, it's a tiny space, please grab one.

november 6th

bethnal green working men's club


tickets and more information:



roisin ingle and a few other women in ireland were the fire and inspiration behind the song "voicemail for jill", and we talked about what we could do now that i'm coming back to town. roisin and i hit on the idea of a town-hall style podcast.

so on oct 26th, the day of my night-show at ulster hall, i am doing a podcast with roisin & a bunch of other heroic panelists. very small space, very important thing, grab a ticket & be with us for this moment. as you know, the abortion rights movement in northern ireland is heading in the right direction, but there's still a TON of work to do, especially around the stigma and the stories. let's tell some truth.

The Irish Times Women’s Podcast at the MAC presents: Abortion and Northern Ireland, what now? With special guest Amanda Palmer

october 26
starts: 12:00pm
duration: 90 minutes
location: Upstairs Theatre
ages 16+
tickets and more info:

The Irish Times Women’s Podcast presents a special live episode at the MAC.

The panel, including performer, activist and author Amanda Palmer and Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw, will discuss the reproductive rights landscape in the North and elsewhere.
After Westminster’s historic vote to decriminalise abortion, what happens next, and what can be learnt from the successful repeal campaign about increasing public support for the right to choose?
Hosted by journalist Róisín Ingle, Danielle Roberts from Alliance for Choice and performer Kellie Turtle will also join the panel.



save the date: november 20th in london. more details to be announced soon. i haven't yet done an EVENT that directly focuses on the content of the artbook, and i was really excited to be invited by andrew trendal from NME to sit down just to discuss the work, writing, and photos in the book. we will try to stream this on the patreon!!!! more info soon. tickets will be available to patrons first, then we will send the links to twitter, facebook and instagram.



november 22nd in london. save the date, details TO BE ANNOUNCED
IF I GET MY PODCAST SHIT TOGETHER IN TIME (FINGERS CROSSED), THIS WILL BE THE PUBLIC LAUNCH OF MY PODCAST AS WELL!! if not, it'll just be a live recording of the podcast with a very special guest. a VERY SPECIAL GUEST. hear me? a very special guest. hold the date, event and ticket info coming soon.

tickets will be available to patrons first, then we will send the links to twitter, facebook and instagram.



if you don't really know what patreon is, it's basically like kickstarter, except it's long-term. patrons give me a steady $1 a month or more, and that money sustains my entire business: the making of the art, my staff, my office costs, all the money that goes to pay for my living costs. everything. in return: the patrons have become a community of over 15,000 who interact, help me make decisions, write with me, talk with me, keep me honest, and get emails all the time about what i'm up to and what we're creating together. it's pretty astoundingly amazing. historic. nobody else is really doing this, in this way and at this scale.

patrons at high levels get guestlist tickets, art in the post, and other perks.

my patrons' collective support means that i can work 100% CORPORATE AND LABEL FREE. i don't do brand shit. i don't have youtube ads on my content. i don't have to answer to a bunch of men in an office. AND THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE, MY ART, AND MEANS EVERYTHING. so please, join the patreon to get first access to the tickets, but stay because you want to support my voice in the world, unfettered from the stranglehold of the music industry middleman and the world of commercial bullshit. thanks.

here's the link to join my patreon, and if you have any questions, here's a good FAQ on patreon's website about how it works.

i've also been gathering with my local patrons in EVERY CITY before or after the shows and taking photos with them, it's been a blast:

photo by gabrielle motola

photo by emilie trondeur

photo by gabrielle motola

also, one last note: if you become a patron, you get access to the download codes for EVERYTHING i've released to patrons since the start.
so if you do join, don't forget to go to this link, once you join, to grab your free download of the whole record. patrons are also about to get a huge annotated copy of the ESSAY, LYRIC & ARTBOOK that was released along with the record:


LOVE TO ALL OF YOU.....i hope i see you all soon, somewhere out there.



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