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Helping Employees Deal With Change
Teleconference Call

In business and life, change is constant. Markets go up and down, companies merge and close, economies struggle, and global issues affect people’s lives. Knowing how to respond to these changes is challenging. Employees especially worry about how these changes will affect their jobs and livelihood. Employers can empower workers and provide reassurance to help them cope. Here are ideas for helping employees deal with change.

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Defining the New Normal: Focusing on the Customer Experience
Woman on a call
Americans are living in uncertain times. For many people, their lives, jobs and relationships are different. Customer relationships are changing, too. Businesses still provide excellent customer service. But now they are connecting with customers in new ways, especially online. Here are four ways businesses are defining the new normal and focusing on the customer experience.
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Caring for a Dog: How to Keep Them Healthy
Boy hugging his dog
Most pet owners lavish time and money on their dogs. They buy special dog food and treats and go for walks each day. They also make sure their dogs are healthy by seeing the veterinarian each year. Dogs make great lifetime companions and they’re always happy to see you. So keep them healthy. Here are some helpful tips about caring for a dog’s dental, vision and hearing health.
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