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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to apaleo.

Hey Liam,

Well, well, well, this sure is an exciting day! You''re a click away from playing with your future hotel technology. Hit that big, yellow button to verify your email and activate your account. ??

Activate my apaleo account

What comes next?

Once your account is activated, our handy dandy robots are going to do their magic and fill it with some sample data for you. That makes it easier to play around in your account.

We turned on Automation, to check reservations in and out.

But I want to play now! How can I get started?

  1. Make sure to create your properties and inventory
  2. Get your rate plans all set up
  3. Discover all the new systems that you can connect in the apaleo store

What if I need help?

It''s usually best to kick things off with a demo so that we can show you around the product. If you haven''t gotten one of those yet, pick a time here

We''re here for you! We have tons of helpful guides to cover your most pressing questions. And if you can''t find what you are looking for, help is just around the corner. Contact us at any time through the help section in apaleo (top right corner in the PMS).

I''m struggling with my activation link ??

Hmm...try this: copy the full link into your browser''s address bar If that still doesn''t work, give us a shout on, and we''ll activate your account for you.

Didn''t ask for this email? Just ignore it. The link will self-destruct in a matter of time.

Have fun with your new account!

Your apaleo team

Finally, technology that just works together. :) apaleo GmbH Dachauerstr. 15A
80335 Munich

Amtsgericht M?nchen, HRB 229514, UStId DE311046461
Gesch?ftsf?hrer Ulrich Pillau, Martin Reichenbach, Philip v. Ditfurth, Stephan Wiesener

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