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Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to APLB.

Dear Members,
 It is a pleasure to send this letter to you, to welcome you to the APLB.
Thank you for joining us. Your membership further enables us to expand our on-line facilities and assistance to you and others. You may find some added satisfaction in enrolling at this time, as we are  rapidly expanding our reputation and influence, worldwide. We started with just a few dedicated individuals, and are growing very fast - with our members already spanning both oceans and hemispheres. Incidentally, your dues payment is fully tax-deductible, as we are certified by the IRS as a nonprofit philanthropic corporation.
Check out all the pages on our website at After a gradual start, our popularity is briskly escalating, and we are now receiving over 1,700 visitors every week.We also have an Email address where, among other communications, we have already successfully counseled more than 40,000 individuals.

In our members we have an amazingly effective reserve of collective experience and learned wisdom. All of us have known the grief of losing a beloved pet, and now we are all here for each other. Can you join us in any of our Chat Rooms? We meet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 8-10 PM and on Sundays from 2- 4 PM (Eastern Time). We also have an Anticipatory Grief chatroom twice a month. The times are listed on the APLB website. Our visitors there are benefiting by sharing their pet loss experience and perceptions with the others. Perhaps this will suit you nicely. 
We have recently published our latest newsletter (Spring 2019). You may now open the Newsletters page on our website by using your member password  Each new issue introduces important concerns and fresh viewpoints in our very new field of pet bereavement. Nowhere else is anything like this being done. Of course, you may download or print any or all of them, now that you are a member. We welcome any suggestions for improving this publication or any other aspect of the APLB. We have become the acknowledged world leader in all matters related to pet bereavement, and your membership has secured you an important place in this. Your participation and dues help to make all this possible.
Our acclaimed Hall of Fame is a permanent collection of photos and memorial statements to our members'' deceased beloved pets. In addition to its other values, we find that this is a fine aid to reaching a personal sense of resolution. If you should ever desire to add a pet''s picture and memorial (up to 25 words) we would be pleased to post it there, as part of our permanent Honor Roll of Beloved Pets. Read our Join Us page for those details. Also, if you browsed our In Memoriam web page you would get a better idea of the general format being used, there. Your memorial can be sent to: A color photo sent in with a SASE will be returned, if requested. Otherwise, you may attach a scanned file of it in an Email letter to me. This is usually much simpler, but only if you can do it. Please realize that maintaining that page is expensive for us, so we must charge a token $25 for it. I am sure you understand. Being a nonprofit organization, we need all the financial support we can get.
And remember to let us know if you change your Email address or Internet Service Provider. We send out frequent communiques, which otherwise, would be missed. Also, many telephone area codes are being replaced, and we need to be kept updated on this.
 The APLB is growing very fast, but we would like to be in individual touch with you. Dr. Sife is always available to all our friends, and can be reached by telephone, as well as Email - and in our Friday chatrooms. Feel free to contact us at any time. We are all here for each other, and we are happy to now welcome you to our remarkable community of special people. We are making difference. Our best advertisement is by the word-of-mouth networking of individual members and friends like you. Help us spread the word, so we can help even more good people who have lost their beloved pets.
We are so glad that you have joined us, and become an important part of our unique community. Please let us know how you are doing, and how we may be of particular help to you. After examining our entire website and determining how we are operating, perhaps you might see somewhere where you would like to participate. We are always looking for good people and ideas, and there is always a position open on our Board of Directors for them. And our newsletters can always use suggestions, articles, artwork and cartoons, as well. We are always open to any questions or comments from you.
Again, let me say welcome , on the behalf of  the entire staff of APLB.  
Warm Regards,
Sarah Robinson
APLB Membership Chairman
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