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October 31, 2020

The information war is real and frankly, we''re losing!

I''ve been working in journalism for over 30 years so far. I started out in Entertainment Journalism by creating my own newspaper back in the late 80s when Rock and Heavy Metal were on the rise. I''d been reporting for over a year before I formally went to school in Lee''s Summit, Missouri. 

Once I was there, I realized the importance of journalism and what our responsibility was in telling the truth, bringing stories that can effect people''s lives and letting the audience make up their own minds as to what they thought about the FACTS. 

That was then. This is now. Journalism is just about dead. It''s no longer a profession of truth. It''s a propaganda machine owned by the left and ignored by the right for the most part. We have politicians in seats making lots of money, profiting off the labor of those who elected them. 

IYes there may be some truth being exposed. That part is true, but it''s not by the Main Stream Media. No - it''s by those of us who are independent journalists.

When I drastically revamped my journalism career, I went from "just the facts, ma''am" to Op/Ed on purpose. I was tired of seeing liberals and their prominent puppets constantly dominating the airwaves, indoctrinating people as if they were some sort of "guru of truth" knowing they were outright lying to the American people.

With the twisting of Donald Trump''s words from his very first speech June 16, 2015 - just 2 days after his birthday - he called attention to illegal immigration and the cartel using our borders for drug and human trafficking, our country being taken advantage of by other nations and the failure of the Obama Administration to keep our country safe, I knew it was time for a change and I needed to step up to the plate. 

I felt it was my duty to unpack what was being said and counter the propaganda of the Mockingbird Media. Journalism was dead at that point. I knew if it was to ever revive, it was my duty to do something.

I needed to start exposing the truth of this profession and I needed to find stories that were effecting people''s lives and reporting on them. No more censorship and being dictated to by editors and their agendas. We had to start giving people what they needed a long time ago.

As an independent journalist, I could find stories, talk about them and uncover the hard realities of life giving people their freedom back. Knowledge is power but it''s also a responsibility. Once you know something, you can''t "unknow" something. Full knowledge brings better decisions. Without a full understanding of what is going on around you, you can''t truly be free.

That brings us to today.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have not only censored me, they''ve taken out many of the Patriot Channels and their accounts across Social Media. They were the biggies. Those with large followings who made commentary on breaking news, have accounts where their audiences can speak freely (within reason) and discuss extremely important subjects were all of a sudden gone and those who are the appointed gatekeepers of information, were refusing to allow any negative stories about their bumbling crooked candidate, Joe Biden. By their drastic censorship, they''ve literally made a bigger story out of what was already explosive uncovering of a global corruption scheme linking Biden to money laundering and self-enrichment through illegal channels.

Warnings from little accounts like me have been thwarted and gone by the wayside. I actually wanted to join their lawsuits and be able to ensure our First Amendment rights to Free Speech were kept in tact since I have experienced more censorship than they have with the exception of my account being deleted on Facebook and YouTube - SO FAR. I''ve been demonetized, censored and trolled online constantly since 2010.

At times, I''ve even had the rumor weed become so bad from obvious lying instigators, my health began declining because of it. This constant barrage of attacks is effecting my eyesight greatly as well as other aspects of my life, but still I keep up the fight because America is a land built by God with his help to craft the Constitution - a divine document that governs our land and we''re worth it.

On November 3rd, you have a unique opportunity to ensure we still have a Constitution and a country. You may not think it''s important, but this is probably the most important vote you''ll have in your life. 

Yes, we''ve had the ability to cast votes for a very long time, but this vote, is more crucial than ever before. Our nation is facing Socialism which is really Communism. We are currently living just a tiny portion of the life Democrats have in store for us. Communism is here and you can see it daily by the cover of CoVid19.

People obeying public officials without legislation or without voting for or against an issue. People following a mask "mandate" because a hyped up propaganda Mockingbird Media machine told them they had to and businesses are being strong-armed to comply. Social media is deleting actual legitimate stories of the figures from it''s own organizations such as the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization - both liberal control freaks and both saying the figures and mandates are not true or warranted.

Socialism/Communism starts by causing violence and fear to subdue the people from fighting for their rights. They brainwash us gradually to say to ourselves "there''s nothing I can do" while we literally have all the power. They instill in us the government has your best interest at heart and you are not capable of making your own decisions. They take away our rights, our worship and our interaction in order to control us. 

One of the alarms to watch out for in abuse is isolation. Social distancing is isolation. Self-quarantine for 14 days is isolation. Not allowing large gatherings or any gatherings is isolation. Isolation can lead to despair and in some cases, suicide.

This is our election to lose. It''s up to each one of us to educate others and vote, otherwise, we will lose our country forever. This Tuesday needs to be the end of the Democrats in America.

In the midst of all of this, I hope you will consider donating to my channel as I try to continue to post on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook until I am no longer able. Your contribution helps me to keep going as our fellow Patriots are plucked off one by one.


You can donate through Google Pay to, Cash App using $AprilLaJune or send your donation directly through the mail to: P.O. Box 401. Independence, Missouri 64051.

Every little donation does help us to continue to fight the Big Tech giants who are trying to destroy our country and those who are tearing down America as we once knew it and our rights to pursue life, liberty and happiness in One Nation Under God!

With much appreciation and Patriotism,

Host, America Matters Radio Show and Freedom Workshop


You can show your support for April by subscribing to her YouTube Channels and contributing through donations. Independent journalists risk their lives and livelihoods to bring you important information every day. Please help by using Google Pay, Cash App to or sending a Money Order to PO Box 401, Independence, Missouri 64051. - April LaJune primary - backup account.


Presidential Election
November 3, 2020
Vote in person! If you have to mail-in your ballot, please take it to the nearest Post Office and make sure they stamp it RIGHT AWAY! 

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