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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to APS Training.

Dear Andrew,

As a pilot, I bet you have, at least once in your life, felt a spark of admiration for the Navy SEALs. Haven't we all? SEALs stand out to us for several reasons--their elite training, commitment to excellence, and mental and physical toughness. They are the best of the best.

As Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) providers, we strive for these qualities, and UPRT serves to accelerate pilots to being the best of the best in their field. The purpose of UPRT is to build and ingrain the skills necessary to overcome an unexpected aircraft upset; preferably before it ever escalates to the level of becoming an upset. Moreover,there are significant core-expertise benefits to the training as well - such as refreshing and improving manual flight operations handling skills, heightened resilience in the face of crisis, enhanced aeronautical decision making, and yes, continued development of your already-elite commitment to excellence and mental toughness.

Read on to discover 10 Benefits of UPRT

We would love to talk more with you about the value UPRT can bring to you and your airline.

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Faye Hamilton
VP Customer Experience
Aviation Performance Solutions
(480) 279-1881 - Work

Global Leader in Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

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Training Centers: United States (AZ & TX) & Europe | |APS Headquarters >> 5803 S Sossaman Rd Suite 104 Mesa, Arizona 85212 United States (480) 279-1881

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