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If algae is getting out of control, try tackling it with our top 10 favorite algae eaters.
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Get Help with Fighting Algae

Since you will always have some imbalance between lighting and nutrients, the goal is to get your aquarium as close to being balanced as possible, and then use an algae-eating crew to fill in the rest of the gap. We have found this one-two punch strategy quite effective at greatly reducing algae to unnoticeable amounts, so find out which algae eaters we love using in our own planted tanks.

10 Best Algae Eaters for Freshwater Aquariums
July 20, 2020
If your aquarium is covered with unsightly algae, you need some hungry helpers to get the outbreak under control. In this top 10 list of amazing algae eaters, we've gathered animals that are not only safe for aquatic plants but can?often?work together for?increased effectiveness.
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