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From the vaults: Miles, Osceola and a friend have a laugh.

How have you been spending your time? We have been keeping busy,  developing a whole new educational program online. New classes for a new world. In a way, it''s been exhilarating: we''ve been meaning to go online for ages, now, but we just never had the time or the reason. Now, we do. Since we launched a few weeks ago, people have been joining us from Italy, Kuwait, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, England, and of course all over the US. This global connection is a cozy sort of feeling; our own little Good Vibes Committee.

But don''t think that we''re just happily strumming along, programming classes all tra-la-la-la in the California sun. Like most of you I reckon, we''ve been alternating between bouts of rolling-up-the-sleeves, can-do self-reliance and a deep sense of dread, a midnight unease, spikes of fear and - more recently - some righteous anger. Know the feeling?

Hey we''re by no means mental health professionals. But we ARE human. So, if you''re feeling down, if you need to connect, or if you just have a simple question about how to make sense of a perfume practice in this new world, email us at You can also join us on one of our staggeringly fun classes, which I hope will boost your morale as much as they''ve boosted mine. We''re all in this, together.

On behalf of the IAO team,

All our online programs take place on Zoom, and are listed in California PTD time. Use this handy time zone converter to get the schedule, where you live. Many of our classes have a limited amount of tickets available by donation only - otherwise known as "pay what you can". If you''re having horrible financial nightmares and missed the by donation tickets, email us and we''ll see what we can do to help.

Coming up on the internet...

Mon., April 6
Perfume 202: Technicalities of lab-work

Ashley teaches the crucial information for setting up a professional perfume lab, and helping you ensure that your practice is built on a solid foundation. We will cover the important technical minutiae: from how to use a scale to how to make a lab solution, an overview of lab hygiene and organization, how to maintain your scent organ and much more.

Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm PDT
Cost: $45.00 per person
Instructor: Ashley Eden Kessler
Weds. April 8
Introduction to Independent Perfumery

Saskia will explore the world of independent and experimental perfume, and cover crucial information for anybody considering starting a practice. We will also discuss current important trends, independent brands, and talk about some things to look out for when thinking about launching a new perfume line. Plenty of time will be devoted to your questions, so have them ready!

Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm PDT
Cost: By donation
Instructor: Saskia Wilson-Brown
Weds. April 8
Writing about Smell, with John Biebel

We love John Biebel, and we''re thrilled he''s joining us to teach a few classes. In this first session, John leads an interactive experience exploring a unique proposition: translating sensation into the written word. Introducing writing ideas, concepts and methods, participants will be asked to share some of their ideas as the group works together to hone their linguistic capacities. We'll look at some specific kinds of written forms in scent writing with a particular focus on creating rich and vivid interpretations of smell in writing.

Time: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM PDT
Cost: $20 / by donation
Instructor: John Biebel
Thu., April 9
Meet a Perfumer: Dana el Masri

We''re launching a new online series where we invite important thinkers, perfumers and fans of scent from around the world to a moderated discussion that can cover anything from the realities of their work to. well.. wherever the conversation leads us. This week, we are pleased to invite Arab-Canadian perfumer & interdisciplinary artist Dana el Masri to join us.

Time: 10am - 11am PDT
Cost: $15 / by donation
With: Dana el Masri
Fri., April 10
Ancient Egyptian Smells, with Robyn Price

Archeologist, anthropologist and PhD Candidate Robyn Price has spent the last many years exploring these topics, and the overall significance of smelling in ancient Egypt. In this talk, she will share some of the research she''s done for her PhD thesis, covering the cultural importance of smelling in the daily lives of the ancient Egyptians - and how smell tied to narratives of power and poverty.

Time: 10:30am - 12noon PDT
Cost: $20 / by donation
Instructor: Robyn price
Mon., April 13
Perfume 303: Perfume Composition Techniques

Designed to provide important next steps for budding perfumers, Perfume 303 will teach you the crucial information for setting up a professional perfume organ, conceptualizing and creating perfume formulas, and helping you ensure that your practice is built on a good artistic habits

Time: 10:30am - 12:30 noon PDT
Cost: $50.00
Instructor: Ashley Eden Kessler
Notes: Attendees must have taken our Perfume 202 class, or have experience working with scent.
Weds. April 15
Essential Components, with John Biebel

John Biebel provides an introduction to basic perfume materials, itemizing and describing important basic components for a new perfumer. As a group, we''ll review some of the primary components that a new perfumer would want to add to their arsenal in order to start some simple blending accord creations. Participants will be able to learn what these components do, and the importance they play in creating fragrances, with - of course - a look at suppliers!

Time: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM PDT
Cost: $20 / by donation
Instructor: John Biebel
Fri., April 17
Perfume 101: The Basics of Perfume

Minetta covers the basics! In this theory-focused introduction to perfumery, participants will learn the difference between top, middle and bottom notes, how to make a dilution, get a brief introduction to perfume math concepts, and more. As a group, the class will explore fragrance families and classifications, get an introduction to perfume-making in a lab, and get an introduction to the different kinds of aromatic materials.

Time: 10:30am - 12:30 noon PDT
Cost: $30.00
Instructor: Minetta Rogers
Mon., April 20
Foundations of Perfumery, for Experimental Applications

Working with scent can extend beyond the perfume bottle. With a history of creative applications in galleries, concert halls and more, scent can expand a practice, subvert an expectation and serve as a powerful communication tool. If you''ve been curious about using scent in the context of your creative practice, this is where you start.

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Cost: $30.00
Instructor: Saskia Wilson-Brown
Weds. April 22
Lucky Lemon! with J.W. Dotson, MD

Our favorite aromatic esotericist J. W. Dotson, MD returns for a closer look at an unexpectedly magical kitchen staple: the lucky lemon! Rare and treasured in ancient Rome for its healing powers, lemon is now a commonplace supermarket commodity. And yet, it retains its powers for luck, love and the rapid clearing of negativity. Join us to explore how the humble lemon (and related citrus fruit) has been used to promote well-being and health, in magic and ritual.

Time: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM PDT
Cost: $20 / by donation
Instructor: J.W. Dotson, MD

And finally... Now would be a nice time to donate

This has obviously been a doozy for us, and for our fellow non-profits. Help us make it through. Here''s how!

+ Make a no-strings attached donation.
+ Sign up for an online class.
+ Donate the ticket cost for your cancelled classes to us (instead of asking for a refund)
+ Shop on and designate the IAO as your charity of choice.

It''s all helpful.

Thank you!
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IAO / John Biebel /  Dana el Masri / Robyn Price / Library of Congress / Michael Geiger / Patrick Tomasso
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