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Arts Huntsville Sign Up Information

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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Arts Huntsville.

Hi ,

You have registered for a Directory Listing on Arts Huntsville.

Please read through this entire email, then click on this verification link at the bottom of the email to confirm registration and be taken to the login page.  You'll use this email address or your user name and the password you entered when you registered.

  • After logging in you'll be taken to your Profile Page.
  • The Profile Page IS NOT Your Directory Listing - it is used to manage your access to the Directory section of our website.
  • On your Profile Page you can update your contact information, passwords, etc.
  • The Profile Page photo uses the Gravatar system - you may disregard as the image is not used on your Directory Listing.
  • When logged in you can always return to your Profile Page by clicking on your Profile Name or Icon in the far upper right.
  • On your Profile Page look for the Tabs on the right to SUBMIT or MANAGE your Directory Listing.
  • Click on the SUBMIT LISTING to create and submit your listing. The form is simple - you'll select appropriate categories (up to four categories), enter your listing information, up to three social media accounts, a description, and upload your images.
  • You're allowed seven images. Your Directory Listing's Primary Photo is used as the thumbnail and the featured or main photo on your detailed listing page. This photo should be some variation of a 7x5 ratio. Preferred size is 700 pixels by 500 pixels - think of a horizontal index or business card. This ration ensures the most effective thumbnail and profile image.
  • Make sure to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, then click on the Complete Listing button for your listing to be reviewed by our staff prior to being posted.
  • You can Edit your listing by logging in and selecting the MANAGE LISTINGS on your Profile Page. When logged in you can also navigate to your Directory Listing and click on the EDIT button to Edit your listing.
  • You only click on the verification link below once - after you confirm your account your login url will then be:

Thanks for reading - please click on the following verification link to confirm your registration and be taken to the login page. You'll use this email address or your user name and the password you entered when you registered.

Click on to get started.

Please email with any issues.

Thank You!

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