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WATCH: Meet Digital Content Manager Jacinta Lobato

Art for All Generations??

Inspiration comes to artists in many forms.? Sometimes a moment in their lives is so powerful that it must be preserved in words or on a canvas.? Other times, artists find inspiration from those that have come before.? They draw strength from prominent figures of their lives - friends, peers, and especially family.??

We hope that you have been inspired by the videos that we have shared with you over the past few months.? You have met a wide variety of arts workers -? dancers, curators, stage managers, production managers, and more. We are proud that these remarkable individuals have made their home at the Arvada Center and your support helps them create, teach, and curate.??

Today's video takes you behind the camera to meet Digital Content Manager, Jacinta Lobato.? Jacinta is an inspiration unto herself, working as a talented videographer for the Arvada Center while also thriving in her passion as a visual artist.? With a long line of strong Chicana women behind her, Jacinta has forged a path forward to make a life and career for herself.?

At the Arvada Center, we draw inspiration from many sources - the talent and passion of staff members like Jacinta, the dedication of our staff who continue to persevere through this unprecedented time, and the donors that have already given to Reignite the Arts.?If you have not yet given, and are in a position to do so, please consider making a donation today.? With your support, our flame of passion will not dim and we will continue to inspire audiences for many years to come.??

Reignite The Arts