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A matching grant opportunity from the Biomimicry Institute.
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Double your impact! Every dollar donated between now and December 31 will be matched by the Kendeda Foundation.

Change:WATER Labs (cWL), one of our 2020 Ray of Hope Prize? finalists, has developed a new way to dispose of human waste: by evaporating the water. Instead of managing huge volumes of solid waste, cWL's solution took a lesson out of nature's playbook, modeling their solution on the way plants move molecular water from the soil to their leaves in a process called transpiration.

This technology emerged from work done for NASA on wastewater recycling on the International Space Station. It's now being deployed in rural communities and refugee communities around the world, providing a safe sanitation solution for some of the 2 billion people who currently do not have access to sewage infrastructure.

We work with up-and-coming startups like change:WATER Labs that improve human and planetary health, providing them with access to capital and a network of support in order to speed up adoption of their solution.

Will you join us in supporting more biomimicry innovators like change:WATER Labs? Donate now to help us raise an additional $50,000 by the end of the year.

Your donation of $75 becomes $150
$100 becomes $200
$500 becomes $1,000
$5,000 becomes $10,000


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