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The Next Normal: Can We Be Remote and Productive Forever?
Wednesday, July 29, 11:00am ET | 3:00pm GMT
Hello Isabella,

As the globe begins to return to work, most digital enterprises are evaluating their options for hybrid remote work. Executive teams need to evaluate if permanent remote work is indeed possible-are my employees engaged? Are they productive? Are their relationships with business-critical systems and applications delivering on the digital promises they expected?

The only way to empower today's digital enterprise in hybrid remote work models is to understand its pulse constantly and at every endpoint, regardless of how you shift to adopt technology or change your strategy. SaaS agility is a necessity to drive productivity and ensure a positive Digital Experience for your workforce.

With millions of enterprise endpoints monitored via Aternity's SaaS-delivered Digital Experience Management Platform, we have analyzed the current trends in remote work and what the "Next Normal" looks like.

Join us for a 30-minute webinar to learn:
  • How remote work is changing and what that means to your company's productivity
  • How to benchmark application and infrastructure performance to support remote work
  • How to monitor and manage a scaled remote workforce
  • What to look for in a SaaS-based DEM platform
I hope you can join us!

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