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Thank you for your inquiry Jon.  I’ve attached our membership application for your review and subsequent completion.  I look forward to receiving it.


Best regards,


Gus Cardenas

President, Co-Founder

Austin Healthcare Council

Mobile:  512.554.7081

Landline:  512.514.6150



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“Success is never an  accident.  It is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution.”


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Name: Jon Jayden

Email Address: @

Title: Mr

Company: Jon

Phone: (079) 465-4749

Address: 234 Langham Road, 194 Langham Road, London, Jon 90275 Great Britain

Company Revenue: Health Care Entity, 10M-20M

Industry Focus: Accounting

Comments: Jon

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Billing Services/Claims Processing
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  checklist Ancillary Professional Support
  checklist Architecture
  checklist Banking
  checklist Behavioral Care
  checklist Billing Services/Claims Processing
  checklist Biotechnology
  checklist Capital Investment
  checklist Clinical Laboratory Services/Testing
  checklist Clinical Outsourcing/Contract Management
  checklist Clinical Research
  checklist Construction
  checklist Consulting
  checklist Continuing Education/Professional Development
  checklist Disease Management
  checklist Educational Institution
  checklist Health Care Information Technology
  checklist Home Care
  checklist Hospital System/Management
  checklist Insurance/Brokerage
  checklist Legal Services
  checklist Long Term Care
  checklist Managed Care
  checklist Marketing/Communications/Advertising
  checklist Medical Products/Devices
  checklist Non-Profit
  checklist Pharmaceutical
  checklist Physician Practice Management
  checklist Real-Estate/Facility Development Management
  checklist Rehabilitation
  checklist Staffing Services/Executive Recruiting

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