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AI Speeds Restaurant Checkout by 10 Times


Reduce Checkout
Wait Times


Improve Customer Satisfaction


Increase Revenue

AI Reduces Checkout Wait Times

With the average lunch break duration being only about 35 minutes, it is normal that customers skip restaurants with long checkout lines. This can translate into a significant loss of income for self-service restaurants with products and dishes that don't always have a barcode and require the cashiers to visually inspect and ring up each item individually, resulting in customers having to wait in long lines. Download this application story to learn how an AI checkout system like "Proppos FastPay" can accelerate the process up to 10X compared to a regular checkout.

Key Takeaways
Key challenges faced by self-service restaurants
5 benefits of AI checkout systems for restaurants
Hardware and software considerations for deploying AI checkout systems

The DLAP-201-JT2 provides the computing power required for real-time AI inferencing, facilitates easy installation and ensures reliable operation in size, weight, and power (SWaP) constrained environments at the edge. Supporting NVIDIA''s comprehensive edge-to-cloud solution for AI applications, the DLAP-201-JT2 further simplifies edge AI deployment and continuous improvement of AI models. ADLINK provides assistance and guidance to system developers, OEMs, and systems integrators, allowing them to easily construct and optimize system architectures for edge AI applications.


ADLINK Technology is a global company leading edge computing with solutions that support the transition to connected IIoT systems and drive data-to-decision applications across industries.

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