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Where could autonomous vehicles land first, VW increases EV investment and Ford relies on Mustang for battery-powered SUV
Autovista Intelligence
Daily Brief
18 November
Industry insight
Autonomous Vehicles: First in Paris, London or Dubai?
Autovista Group Chief Economist Christof Engelskirchen considers the likely locations of the first autonomous vehicles to take to public roads, and how soon the innovations will come... Keep reading
News analysis
VW increases investment in electric vehicles and digitalisation
Volkswagen Group has announced an increased investment programme in future technologies as part of its latest planning round... Keep reading
News analysis
Ford turns to Mustang name for first electric SUV
Ford has unveiled its first proper foray into the EV market, using the iconic Mustang name to attract interest in its new battery-powered SUV...
Keep reading
Report: Electric Vehicle & Diesel Remarketing Risk
The collapse of diesel – don’t believe the hype?
RV corrections have happened in several markets but not to the same extent – is further downward pressure on diesel likely and where? And how will diesel fare against petrol and BEVs between now and 2025 in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK?
With that in mind, how should you shape your powertrain strategy and portfolio to maximise sales and mitigate asset risks?
This new report from Autovista Group answers these questions and more.
Find out more
Read this report to:
  • Manage your portfolio’s asset risks based on our latest outlooks for diesel, petrol and battery electric vehicles (BEVs)
  • Incorporate the market potential of BEVs in the EU5 markets in your product strategy
  • Adjust your (fleet) sales approach towards the market opportunities for internal combustion engines and BEVs