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Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Aviationexam.
Dear Mrs. Garcia,

Thank you for creating user account at Aviationexam. The login details you have selected are listed below:


Aviationexam Test Prep enables you to run unlimited numbers of practice tests from EASA - FCL in English or German and FAA subjects. Only about 5 % of questions is available for users without valid subscription. Please use our eShop, App Store, Google Play or  Windows Store in order to purchase subscription to our question bank.

Users with valid subscription can use Aviationexam Test Prep through:
  • The ONLINE Test Prep System at
  • iOS application
  • OS X application
  • Android application
  • Win application
FAQ - How to use Aviationexam Test Prep
The ONLINE Test Prep system and each application contain FAQ and help section with detailed information.

Exam Picture Supplements
Relevant picture supplements are available directly from all of our products. Question picture supplements can also be downloaded in PDF format from our online Test Prep system (Dashboard - Downloads). Question picture supplements in PDF are useful especially if you wish to print-out the charts for easier drawing of question solutions, etc...

EASA - FCL Question Feedback
The EASA - FCL question database of Aviationexam is made with the help of thousands of students around Europe who are submitting their feedback from their official EASA - FCL exams. The EASA is doing their best to keep the question bank secret - let''s not allow this happen! If you remember the questions from your official test - even if you remember just one question, or only a portion of question, please do let us know your feedback. We process all of the student feedback received, prepare explanations and immediately make the new questions available to all other users.
Sincerely, Aviationexam Team
Please, do not respond to this email address - this is an automatically generated email.
For communication with us, please, use the web form.
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