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Dear David,

Did you have an awesome August? There are so many events happening at Avishkaar right now that we want to keep you updated with all the buzz. Read on to know more.

From our Blog

Age-appropriate Online learning resources for children During COVID-19 Times

We know as a parent finding creative activities to engage your child is no easy task! So here are our recommendations


From our Experts

Internet of Things How Machines Talk to Each Other

Did you know machines around us can talk to each other? In this webinar on Internet of Things, our experts will not just show you how but also explain how you can learn to develop your own IoT projects
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In the News

Avishkaar League Finale

“Guardians of Nature” Take Off At Avishkaar League 2020! Dr. Ritesh Malik, Founder of Innov8 announced the winners of Avishkaar League 2020 on 22nd August.

Check Out

Tarun, Our Founder, Speaks with Arvind Kejriwal to make Delhi Startup Friendly

We were honoured to be invited by Arvind Kejriwal to discuss new Startup Policy

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