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Ayyam Gallery

Nothing is Certain, Everything is Melting, and that s Okay 3, 2019, Acrylic on raw linen, 171 x 195 cm



Nothing is Certain, Everything is Melting, and thatís Okay

20 January - 14 March 2020 | Dubai (Alserkal Avenue)


Ayyam Gallery is pleased to present Nothing is Certain, Everything is Melting, and thatís Okay, a solo exhibition featuring Athierís latest body of work.


Please join us in the presence of the artist at the opening reception on 20 January from 7 - 9 pm.


About the show


In a departure from the geometric forms and bold colours that have become a trademark of the British Iraqi painter, this current series created in and of his studio in an industrial suburb of Paris, explore the changing state between order and disorder: attempting to capture compositions that balance and eventually melt harmoniously in their state of transition. This shift can be seen as Athierís expression of surrender towards uncertainty. 


Nothing is Certain, Everything is Melting, and thatís Okay, explores space through carefully curated compositions in which Athier places geometric blocks, marble slabs and other forms in a milieu heís partially designed and partially imagined. There is no hierarchy of form. These objects exist in a world that has no mass or gravity, a world that is light in restrictions. 


 All these objects seem to melt into the unknown, portraying a sense of dreamlike uncertainty. And thatís okay.


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