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Dear Sophia

Welcome to SportsEdTV and thanks for joining!

To get the most from your SportsEdTV membership, please click here to personalize your profile. It will only take a minute and you'll get many FREE benefits, including:

  • Personalized news feeds that allow you to follow your favorite sports. We collect all the exciting news about the sports you love from around the world and bring it right to your personalized feed page every day.
  • Playlist creation tools that will help you reach your sports goals with the help of our world-class videos and blogs. Share these playlists with friends, teammates, coaches, students or other friends who love your sport and want to improve their results.
  • Find and connect with other members who have a passion for your sport. Talk and share ideas with members across the globe through our user chat feature. See what videos and blogs your friends like and share your favorites with them.
  • Have access to special 'Members Only' features. Participate in 'members-only' live chat events with our coaches, watch 'members-only' videos and get entered into our 'members-only' give-aways of sports equipment and memorabilia.

We wish you great success and enjoyment in whichever sport you play or coach. Thanks for being a SportsEdTV member!


The SportsEdTV Team
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