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Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Beauty Revived.

Hey Aiden,
Yay!  Thanks so much for joining our beautiful team.  Beauty Revived is THE way for photographers to give back.  We are excited to share with you our three ways to use your lens for good.  

My name is Michelle Gifford and I am the founder of Beauty Revived.  I started the movement four years ago with a desire and passion for telling the stories of real beautiful people in my community.  It has grown into a global movement and I am thrilled you are joining us.

Let me also introduce you to Katrina.  She is our campaign manager and all around Beauty Revived guru.  You will be seeing her all around the Facebook groups and is really the girl keeping this ship sailing.  

You know that photography is more than just taking pictures, it is telling and documenting the amazing stories of your clients and friends.  This is why Beauty Revived was founded and for the past four years, we have joined with hundreds of photographers to tell the stories of more than a thousand women, girls and children.

Beauty Revived only works because of amazing photographers like you.  You are the key to making this movement move.  So thank you. Thank you for being a part of our team.  We are so thrilled you are here!

The first way to use your lens for good:  Join a Beauty Revived campaign. 

Every quarter, Beauty Revived hosts a campaign.  Photographers apply to be a part of it, 50 are chosen.  Each of those 50 find someone in their community who represents real beauty and donates a session to them.   These stories are published in our quarterly magazine and on our website.

A Beauty Revived campaign is a great way to start using your lens for good because you instantly join a community of 49 other photographers who share your love and passion for photography and for giving back.  And getting your work in print is a huge bonus!  

Join our Facebook group by clicking the link below and go introduce yourself to your new big-hearted photography team.  We are waited for you over there.  Post a pic and tell us a little about yourself.  

Thanks again for joining us!  Look for our next email coming at you tomorrow.

Michelle and Katrina

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Mormon Mompreneur, Riverside, CA 92506

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