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New Best Practice Guide

Improving consumer understanding of contractual terms and privacy policies: evidence-based actions for businesses

This week we published our best practice guide on how to present contractual terms and privacy policies. Commissioned by BEIS, this guide is for all businesses who want to help their consumers better understand their T&Cs.

Terms and conditions represent some of the most complex and long-winded text that consumers come into contact with. For instance Paypal’s terms are longer than Hamlet, and it would take a little over three hours to read the terms of service and privacy notices of the five most popular social media and messaging apps.

When consumers do try to engage, the documents often seem impenetrable. Our recent paper on online harm and manipulation highlighted that privacy policies frequently require college-level reading ability, yet the UK average reading ability is much lower than this. So it may be no surprise that we often absentmindedly tick a box to ‘agree’ and that less than 1% of us click to view the full text of contractual documents online.

A lack of understanding of T&Cs and privacy notices is likely to lead to less informed consumer decisions and potential regret (if, for example, you discover unexpected early termination fees). To be useful, terms should impart information to consumers. We therefore designed experiments to focus on exactly that: increasing understanding of key terms.

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BX Awards 2019 now open for submissions!

Are you passionate about conducting outstanding behavioural research? Are you dedicated to improving policy, business or society through BI…or do you know of someone who is?

Good news – submissions for the BX2019 Awards are open!

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