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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Big Data U.

Hi Ava,

Welcome to Big Data U!

Here we have brought together thousands of resources from top universities and education portals in the world together in the form of an intuitive interface.

We encourage you to:


Design one or more personalized training plans based on what you would like to learn and explore from a wide range of courses in different instruction formats.


Adding more specific elements to your profile allows the interface to deliver to you more precise content according to your liking and what might advance your understanding in that field. This can be done by editing your personal profile after making a account.

3. FOLLOW US ON on LinkedIn , YouTube , Twitter and Facebook

As a part of the NIH’s Big Data to Knowledge Initiative (BD2K), numerous video seminars, workshops, and conferences are constantly being introduced which are updated on our LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages. Please follow us on these social media sites to quickly receive notifications on updates, new functionality, and to learn about featured content.

We intend to make data science training easily accessible to anyone who would like to reap its benefits for the purposes of advancing biomedical discovery. We are excited to have you with us and hope you enjoy YOUR new learning experience on!

Big Data U would never email you asking for any personal account details or sensitive information.

Here’s to expanding horizons,
The Big Data U Team

For terms and conditions please read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If you have questions about Big Data U, please go to FAQs.

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