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Our services are maintained and operational

As you may know, lockdown is back for us in France since October 30th.

Given the current health context, it is more important than ever to keep music alive. This is why our services remain active and operational during this new period of confinement!

Our teams do their utmost to ensure that your orders are managed in the strictest compliance with the mandatory health standards.

National and international transport services can be affected in their logistics; consequently the delivery times announced on the site cannot be 100% guaranteed depending on the destination. Thank you for your understanding.

Why order on ?

Do you also think there are other and more ethical alternatives to the e-commerce giants?

As you probably already know, is not an online shop like any other. Indeed, our e-commerce solution supports  independent labels that have an official shop on our site because 75% of your purchases are paid directly to them (almost twice as much as traditional distribution channels). Ordering on therefore makes it possible to support independent labels and artists much better than by buying their records in shops.

To make sure you do so, simply locate the "IO" symbol as above among the products available on the site. This means that it is a product from one of the official shops of our partner labels.

Discover our official shops of independent labels and artists

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Complete your order with references from our catalogue

In addition to the official shops of independent labels and artists and in order to broaden our offer, we also offer you on a varied range of references from prestigious international indies labels (Strut Records, Jazz is Dead, Brownswood, Erased Tapes, Gondwanna Records, International Anthem, !K7, Monkeytown and many more...). Vinyls, CDs, Boxes and K7s are classified by musical genres.

Explore our catalogue offering an eclectic selection of products

(electronic, hip-hop, groove, alternative, video games music...)

Click here
Subscribe to our newsletter personalised to your musical tastes

Don''t miss any more news on by subscribing to our personalised newsletter. To do so, go to the home page of the site, click on "" at the top left of your screen, then on "Newsletter (en)" and select the musical families that interest you.





59 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 PARIS

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