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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Black Lives Matter.

Abigail --

For weeks, we have watched the result of our rallying cries, organizing, and activism materialize across the entire country. And as so many join this movement, it's important that everyone has the resources they need to keep fighting.

Earlier this month, Black Lives Matter Global Network sent out a membership survey -- and the feedback has truly shown the widespread dedication to our movement. The fight for Black liberation and an end to white supremacy is just getting started. Together, we will continue to push for progressive, radical solutions that affirm that Black lives matter.

So many new freedom fighters have joined this movement. Right now, people everywhere are asking how to be better advocates for Black liberation and how to have conversations with friends and family regarding ending white supremacy in America. Many simply just want to know how to help.

And an overwhelming majority want to learn more about #DefundPolice. The Black Lives Matter creative team is working on a series of resources, including videos, that break down how we divest from the police and invest in Black lives.

Check out this graphic that walks through the steps of divesting and investing, and then share on social media platforms so we can show the world what defunding the police actually looks like.

#Here''s how we #DefundThePolice



This graphic breaks down HOW we divest from policing and the steps that come after that.

Remember, divestment leads to investment. Once we defund the police, we can make structural change in our communities across the country through initiatives like hiring more teachers and counselors, implementing restorative and mental health services, and more.

Will you take a minute to share this graphic to show people how defunding our police can make our communities safer?

The fight continues to defund the police, and the fight will continue long after that.

Let's get to work. Together.

In love and solidarity,

Black Lives Matter Global Network



What Matters Web Series

Black Lives Matter Global Network

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