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Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Blu Homes.

Hello Grayson,

You may be asking yourself, what does it take to find the proper piece of land for a Blu Home? We have some basic criteria that will make finding land suitable for a Blu Home easy!

  • A flat piece of land will lessen your site work improvement although Blu Homes can be built on a sloped lot.
  • Having utilities available and ready to hook up to are a huge cost-saving factor! Although this would be most ideal, a Blu Home is also suitable to connect to septic and wells.
  • Consider the building dimensions of the product your considering and compare it to the size of the property your considering. Below are the building dimensions for each Blu Home product:
  •   Breezehouse 2100 - 58’11” X 60’1”
  •   Origin 1900 - 40’ x 54’ 
  •   Origin 1000 - 45’8” X 29’2”
  •   Cabana 600 - 42’ X 14’5”
  • Consider a teardown! Tearing down an existing home will provide you a more even building surface, utilities to hook up to, and an existing driveway to save on cost!

If you would like to learn more about finding land, visit our website to review more helpful tips

Next Steps: Once you have identified a buildable piece of land, let us know! Joining one of our frequent workshops could also be a helpful way to engage with us.  Or you could fast forward and start a Site Analysis to gain further insight and determine feasibility towards building your dream Blu Home!

We look forward to working with you in the future!

This email was sent by: Blu Homes, Inc
1015 Walnut Ave. Vallejo, CA, 94592, US
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