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Our New Year’s Eve sale ends at midnight. You only have a few hours left to shop.
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BOOM! By Cindy Joseph
New Decade: New Boom Gifts For You

You did it. You made it through the busy holiday season.

You shopped for presents. You spent time with family. You saw your friends. You took care of everything on your list. 

Now it’s time to celebrate. It’s time to ring in the new year—and a new decade. 

Before you rush off to celebrate tonight, we want to remind you that our final sale of the year ends at midnight when the new year begins.

It’s your last chance to save 10% on all your favorites in our Boom store

That means right now is the best time to shop for a few last-minute gifts for yourself. (And why not? You already shopped for everyone else.)

Go on. You deserve it...

Today’s affirmation: I will allow my wisdom to carry me into the next decade, and I will welcome all new experiences and adventures that come my way.
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228 East Rt 59, #395 Nanuet, New York 10954

Thank you for supporting BOOM! by Cindy Joseph.

We strive to provide a community for women who are excited about life and want to celebrate beauty at every age. Your participation is what fuels the Pro-Age Revolution that our founder, Cindy Joseph, began so many years ago.

We are a family-run business and emails are a crucial way for us to contact our readers and fans. We regularly provide store discounts, the latest pro-age videos, makeup tips, and updates from all of us at BOOM!

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From all of us at BOOM!, thanks for your support!

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