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Negotiation skill
The artefact in question was in the possession of one Mr Simon Norten. The Indian government sued for repossession of the idol. The case which would have gone in India’s favour was compromised on the condition that the idol would be allowed to be displayed in the US for a further period of ten years. Mr Simon was also given immunity by the Indian Government that he was free to acquire within the next one year, any Indian antiques that could be found outside India. This gave some consolation Read more
Argument/topic research paper on collateral damage/ collateral murder bases on or databases
& Number: Collateral Damage (http 03 November (word count 705) Introduction War is best fought intotal secrecy. This aspect pertains to war planning so that all the perceived enemies of a state are caught unprepared. This was the case of the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor which started the war in the Pacific theater during World War II. The element of surprise is a very powerful tool, especially when waged by the smaller or weaker state such that it gains the initial Read more
Social and Racial Discrimination, the Legality of Possession and Use of Personal Weapons in the United States
The juries should ensure all cases are handled with care and self-esteem to ensure justice on all occasions. The Suffolk County Grand Jury greatly lowered the pending charges against the 53-year-old man to the assassination of a murder of a 17-year-old by use of a gun. The jury advocated that the 53-year-old man took the step of shooting as a form of defending himself and his home. Read more
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