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The Breeze - Thursday

JMU announces plans for postponed commencement ceremonies

In an email sent by President Alger to JMU seniors, it was announced that commencement ceremonies will be postponed until August 7-8. Read more


JMU works to uphold Honor Code in the midst of COVID-19

As JMU makes the transition to online classes, the university plans to uphold its honor code as if students were still on campus. Read more


''The Bachelor'' franchise's newest spin off has potential

"The Bachelor" franchise is branching out, yet again, with a spin-off show called "Listen to Your Heart." Check out what writer Sarah Connor has to say about these musical love stories. Read more


Opinion | Home Ec needs to make a comeback

Home ec is a much needed skill set that has fallen to the wayside in school systems and needs to be revitalized. Read more

Madison Business Review

Can $1,200 stimulus checks save the economy from COVID-19?

A nationwide breakout of COVID-19 made a $2 trillion stimulus plan necessary and $1,200 check to American adults a reality. What will the economic impact and potential fallout be? Read more

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