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You may wonder how body fat affects your performance...

If you go running regularly or play sports with friends, you may wonder how your body weight - and in particular body fat - affects your performance.

The answer is body fat affects your athletic performance dramatically!

In fact, for a 170 pound athlete, just 3.4 pounds of extra weight decreases vertical jump height by 2 inches and 40 yard sprint times by 0.26 seconds (that's like an eternity).

So what happens if you have 10+ pounds of body fat to lose? How much faster can you run, or higher could you jump?

If you want to run faster and you are carrying the equivalent of a 20 pound dumbbell worth of fat with you, the most effective way to get faster is not to run more. But to lose body fat.

When you lose fat without losing muscle, you have less pressure on your joints. You become a more efficient machine with a better power to weight ratio. Less drag.

For a more in depth analysis, you can check out this article I updated right here:

=> How Much Does Body Fat Affect Athletic Performance

Remember that slow and steady wins the race when it comes to getting leaner and sustaining those results. Embrace the process to become more consistent, and then everything changes.

I hope you're having an amazing weekend!



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